Chapin City Blues

Writing is writing whether done for duty, profit, or fun.


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I made a sign-up last night for [redacted]. It was a Spanish family who was being screwed up the ass by Stream. One thing I’ve learned from this job is that, while [redacted] might be the best electric company (price wise) in the Valley, Stream simply sucks ass. Later, a man approached me for some help. He was paying $100 more than he was using. I didn’t know how to help him as he was under contract. I offered him the option of switching to us for our gift card deal, or he could wait it out. I know that’s not salesman like of me, but I’m not out to screw people over. I’ll leave that for the veterans.

[Redacted], after all, is a business. And like all businesses, they only really care about themselves. Green energy does have a double meaning. I know this because last night I had to dispel some lies made by another sales rep. I won’t get into that.

This morning was my interview for Texas Car Title and Payday Loan. It was all that I had on my mind since I made the appointment. [Redacted] has managed to suck out every ounce of my joy in a matter of two weeks. I’m drained, emotionally and physically. Stepping outside of my shell is one thing, stepping outside of my shell and asking me to lie to a complete stranger in order to make a couple of bucks is beyond my code of ethics.

What is my code of ethics? That’s one of the questions that was brought up in the interview. I don’t have them written down or anything. And they’re constantly modified because things change so rapidly. Essentially it’s summed to one simple sentence – be happy without screwing over anyone in the process. Considering my past, I haven’t been able to see this through. But I’m doing my best.

I’ll have to get back to her on Friday to find out whether I got the job or not.

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