My Short and Unhappy Life with Green Mountain Energy

The rules say that you can’t text message break up, but is there one that states you can’t end your unhappy relationship with your employer in the same way? Most of our communication is via text message and e-mail, so I don’t see the problem with my medium for quitting my job. Last night I text in sick because I wasn’t in a jolly mood – I’m still to learn if I got the other job – and wasn’t in a good mood of going to work. Later in the night, I was asked, “are you going to be able to make it to work tomorrow” to which I didn’t respond because I was “asleep” already.

In reality, I was spending time with Jyg, attempting to cheer up. It worked, especially because we saw vampire comedy drama Let the Right One In. I planned on going in this morning, but when morning rolled around and my alarms blared up, I realized that I didn’t want to go to work. I had an elevated mood, why the fuck would I want to ruin it with all the bullshit of working for Green Mountain? Because while the company is a great one – and I’m not saying that for fear that goons are reading this post – the people who work at this local office aren’t great. In fact, I’ve had to correct certain “RGV Go-Getters” lies, anything for a sign-up. I’m willing to break the rules for a sign up, but I’m not willing to lie and I’m not going to start covering someone else’s lies. And that there is no guarantee that I’m going to get a paycheck also added to my misery.

So instead of getting dressed, I shut off all my alarm clocks and passed back into blissful sleep during which my (ex)supervisor called and text me. I didn’t look at either until I woke up this morning. He didn’t leave a voice mail, but this is what his text read: “you were scheduled for 9-2 mission. You are considered a NO CALL NO SHOW”

Pish posh, I say. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to respond to him and just wanted him to get it over because I wasn’t planning on going in tomorrow, either. Instead, I replied, “Sorry about that. The meds hit me pretty hard. Also, I’m gonna go ahead and quit. I’ll return my stuff (hopefully) on Monday.”

Nonchalant and sweet, I think. While I’d like to bombard them with reasons for my quitting, I decided not to be a whiner or a snitch. Reap what you sow, I believe.

Coupled with the lack of assurance and lying co-workers, another thing that got to me was the admins way of motivating us. Mostly by putting down those of us who weren’t excelling in our sign-ups. Again, most of these co-workers used lies including, but not limiting to, telling customers that we’ll take care of the extra charges (a lie, considering that customers are responsible for paying all cancellation fees and added charges when doing a future dated switch), that our month-to-month plan is flat rate while our contract is a volatile one, that a co-signer doesn’t need to be present and the person signing the forms can sign of said co-signer when using their social security number.

While I’m not a man of many “morals” but I do have my code of ethics and I can’t work for a company that is constantly challenging them.

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