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Drawing a blank




It’s almost Thanksgiving, though WordPress suggests otherwise. I’ve compiled my list of what I hoping to/planning on/am considering reading. If you’re interested in finding out which religious texts I’ve planned to read, you can check out the list here. While you’re there, you can also read how I’ve come to terms my wanting an Amazon Kindle.

I took over Word Sex – a blog over at Tumblr – again. I created it some time last year but pretty much petered out with keeping up with the posts. Handed it over to someone who then handed it over back to me and now I’ve revamped it. It’s still not interesting, but at least it’s getting me doing research, even if that research isn’t being put to good use. For the most part, the blog is work safe. I’m doing my best to stray away from NSFW material, though some of the link backs might be a little risqué. The blog’s focus is – if you couldn’t tell – sex. Not pornography – though the subject will/does come up if it’s in the news, or is a part of a scientific/psychological/sociological etc. study. It’s also a home of erotic literature, and I’m hoping that the community – those who follow the blog – will contribute their own stories/fantasies.

Before departing, I’m going to go ahead and post the William S. Burroughs classic. It’s a treat for Thanksgiving:

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