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I don't know whether to be sorry or just laugh

Someone is searching for René Saldaña, Jr. Rather, they’re searching for “informatoin” on his “workes.” I suspect Gollum is up to no good, and thinks René possesses the one ring. I know,  lame Lord of the Rings joke but I’m the king of lame.

I managed to write a rough draft for that personal statement one must attach to his grad school application. I must figure out how to clean and shorten it up, then hunt for three references who are willing to lie write recommendation letters for me. I have three people in mind, but I’m uncertain if two of them are willing. I’ll need to come up with two others just in case.

Moving on, I’m hunkering down again with some tea (not at the moment, but in the near future) to write a story or poem or something. I haven’t been writing much – serious writing, that is. Maybe a nonfiction piece for a change to spruce things up. Who knows. I surely don’t know. There are stories that I’ve held back because I’ve been too apathetic to write – read: depressed. The only cure for this depression is to suck it up and say fuck it to everything else. I’m going to stop dragging myself down with depressing thoughts – let’s just hope the dreams ease up, as well.

Anyway, I’m going to find a place to read without waking Jyg. I’ll probably wind up in the study. Adios.

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