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It was featured in today’s newspaper


So I booked a hotel room...


I used to call this place the happier parts of hell; like Mexico, we’re so far from Heaven. Last night Jyg had a dream that I was a clone – or clone-like. She dreamt there was three of me – the child, the teenager and the adult. We were on the run and we ran into Miranda at some store. Miranda and I hugged for longer than I’d ever allow another human to touch me. Longer than I’d ever let Miranda hug me. I don’t know if it was awkward, but I imagine it was. No matter, dreams are just that. Moving on.

Finished reading the Christianity chapter in God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero. It’s a boring history about a boring religion founded on blood and will end in blood. It had good moments in history, Pentecostalism being one of its many perks. I don’t think I’ll spend too much time on Confucianism because it’s a topic I’m more interested in – not to mention, I consider it a philosophy and not a religion but to each his own, I suppose.

I don’t mean to take a total shit on Christianity, mind you. I think it’s just an overrated religion compiled of overly zealous bigots who aim on destruction by fulling self-prophecies such as the war in the Middle East. Of course, not all Christians are narrow-minded nimrods, just the ones that hate me.

I veered off topic. I wanted to talk about something else. Specifically someone else. Another time, I suppose. I’ll write about you again. Until now, I’ll shall leave your memory in peace.

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