Current Events Like a Daytime Soap

Bailey Jay: The Line Trap Years

It’s come to my attention that a lot of my “readers” are finding my blog because of this person, the almighty Bailey Jay, mostly because I mentioned her and Izzy Hilton in a blog post I made a long while back.

And not only are you all finding my blog because you’re Googling her name, but you’re Googling her name with the added term, nude. Naked. Porn. So if you landed here, chances are you’re looking for some shemale smut and I gotta tell you buddy, you’re not gonna find it here. You’ll just find her innocent photos here, so go look elsewhere for your tranny fetish fixation. We’re talking poetry here.

The Main Point

After all that we’ve been through together, Life and I are finally divorcing. It was inevitable. Life wanted one thing and I just can’t seem to give that away. So I will not surrender to Life’s needs. I will, however, enjoy this pack of Hostess Donettes – the powdered kind – and be on my merry way.

Speaking of Merry

It seems that the tides of change have, well, changed. So while I devour this entire pack of Donettes – and you know I will because I am, for lack of a better term, a fat ass (though I have no ass – we’re talking Hank Hill proportions here) – I’m contemplating my so-called future (as in, it’s always coming but never really gets here because the future becomes the present when it does…nevermind).

I’ve been – and this is no big secret to anyone it concerns – ring hunting for a couple of weeks now – months, if you really want the truth. It’s officially official. I’m talking seal and stamp here – it’s that official.

Many people have attempted to deter me – only, they didn’t know they were doing so – and all have failed. Thing is, I’m happy either way. I can do the family thing without the ritual thing. I don’t need to prove my love by making a big charade of it, because I haven’t anyone to prove it to – and trust me, if Jyg don’t know by now then I don’t know what will…other than a wedding, that is (this was a joke, by the way, and you should be laughing. So laugh, damnit). Besides, marriages are so archaic.

So what now?

Now we just wait and see. I get paid tomorrow (hopefully) and with that check in my bank, I’ll have enough to buy the ring I bookmarked, kept open in a tab and pretty much decided upon. I’ve also found a ring for myself – a wedding band, thought I think it will be just fine as the male equivalent to Jyg’s ring.

Oh well, let’s see what’s in store for this book hunter.

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