Another Word for Unemployed


I’m fighting the urge to just lie down down and die. Fighting the urge because I have to, not because I want to. Though, in some small aspects, I want a job. But the need is so much stronger. I need a job. I need a job with benefits. I need a job with some security. I need a job.

Don’t Worry, This Won’t be a Political Post

I worked odd, short jobs. From a door-to-door salesman to the clubhouse manager for a local baseball team. Hell, I even wrote porn at one time. And all those jobs were swell. They gave me money I could use when I wanted to spend something. On occasion, I still write posts for Blogvertise – not here, of course, but on Tumblr and the book blog.

But the hand I was dealt this year changes all that. There’s a certain amount of responsibility bestowed on me and I’ve got to get cracking. So I did what any prospecting job hunter would do. I churned out applications, uploaded resumes and hunted for good references.

A week later, I’ve got nothing to show for it. And it depresses me.

Only I Lied

And what makes me nervous about my lack of finding a job – one that uses skills I learned in either school or manual labor work – is that we’re drawing near the election year. And while I know Obama has made some progress – not enough to actually mean anything to the GOP – I fear that messiah – formerly known as Rick “the dick” Perry – might win, which means that the job market will crash, burn and the economy will cease to exist. I mean, just look at all he’s accomplished with Texas after George W. Bush stepped down.

And while Mitt Romney seems like the best candidate – is the best candidate, I should say – everyone in the Republican and Tea Parties are looking at Rick Perry as if he’s some Second Coming – which he is, just not the kind they’re hoping for.

So What’s a Former Freelance Writer/Contractor/Work-for-Hire/English Major to do?

Not give up, obviously. Like my mother said, I’m a survivor. No matter the obstacle thrown at me, I manage to come out of it unscathed. I figure things out; I adapt. The only problem is, that doesn’t seem to go anywhere on the application or resume. Adaptation isn’t a skill that doesn’t raise a couple of eyebrows. Neither is writing, apparently. At least, not in the Valley, outside a rather corrupt newspaper.

Still, I tumble on. Trying and defying those who get in my way. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Another Word for Unemployed

  1. Good luck! Lots and lots of it!:-)

    Better not get into politics…although where I come from, it’s rude (and unthinkable!) not to. I gave up the day Gore gave up, then woke up again the day Obama won, and now I just browse the NYTimes and foreign news to find out a bit about what’s going on in my backyard, and that’s it. It’s sad. Beyond sad. Even humor doesn’t help. And that’s why no politics.

    But on the job search thing…I find it ironic one must use cliches to be picked up in searches based on certain keywords, yet compete against a billion other people out there saying the same things…and somehow appear innovative? Not sure many are looking for innovative. In fact, many people I know are over-qualified for available jobs and having the toughest time with it. Wait, I’m supposed to be encouraging here…lol.

    Seriously though, there’s no choice but to be positive…and an opportunity will come up. Might take a bit…but it will. I know these things of course, because I too am an English Lit major. 🙂

    1. That’s the problem with the world. They all want something familiar that they shun what’s new and hip – I am none of these things. Anyway, I know. I’m keeping my chin up, which isn’t that good for the neck, but my eyes are beginning to droop. A lot of people say “pad” your resume. Who are these people? And why are they doing in my house, you might ask. I don’t know. That’s just one world I live in. The other group tells me to lie about my potentials when applying for jobs that are outside my “skill” – meaning, manual labor. Don’t mention the degree, because that turns most employers off. It does. Then again, my chaotic work life also turns them off.

      I just gotta stop beating myself up about it. If only some sort of feedback would happen. Even a thank-you-no is a lot better than the collective silence. Then again, I’ve only been hitting this job market hard for three or four days and the process is a tad larger than this. Ugh. Why did I major English? Why couldn’t I care more about something else? Like business or something.

      1. Yes, well the English major thing for me had to do with stuff I was interested in. Dropped the first journalism class (and the more ‘practical’ major option) the moment the prof. suggested that we will be objective truth writers…which sent me running back to the Lit criticism classes. English majors usually go into academia as you know…not for me either, so ironically, I went into business. And against all odds, was sitting in my own Madison Ave. office in a few years. The non-business background helped…a lot. I believe it really helps to bring as many perspectives as possible to any project/job. As for job searches, I hear local ads (Craigslist for example) and applying to companies directly works out better for many people. The absence of feedback though is very discouraging and rude. Then again, who cares about manners these days…ok, I feel a rant shaping up, so I’ll stop. 🙂

      2. It’s a strange world I live in. While the region is behind – way behind – technologically here, all the jobs I’ve been turning up all expect applications to be done, well, online. There is one place I’m calling tomorrow to see if they’ve reviewed my application that I’m hoping to get. It’s probably the only ‘creative’ job I’ve come across – I actually get to use my English skills! As for academia, well, I’m from Texas. And in Texas, the TEA would rather – for lack of a better term – buttfuck their teachers than, you know, encourage them.

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