“Elevator to the moon”

"Always the first star that I find..."

I’ve been bad. I’ve purposely ignored this blog and Letters to Shaun because of work and studying. I need better time management. What have I been up to? For the last week, I’ve worked at the local library and loving it. Okay, maybe I’m not as outgoing as I should be, but I’m breaking in to the new environment. I’m getting comfortable. The co-workers are great. The place is also great. I mean, I love the library so it only makes sense that I’d love working there.

My plans for tomorrow, during down time, I’m gonna sneak off into the supply room and practice with Judy – who, despite my earlier belief, isn’t a real person – the puppet. If I’m to um… man(?), operate(?) her, I should at least aim for as realistic as possible.

I also want to be a little more creative. I work in the children’s department, so this allows me to flex my creative muscle. Sadly, it’s been dormant for so long that I’m sure it’s atrophied.

That’s beside the point. Anyway, I promise I’ll write more when I have more time – which shall be soon because I’m almost finished with my comp time – gotta make up for the days I’m going to miss soon. I also need to start thinking about collecting some comp time in March and April for obvious reasons.

My goodness. It doesn’t even feel like it was that long ago when I found out about little Shaun. I’m in bliss, people. Pure, unadulterated bliss.

Note: Title and caption are lyrics from Guster, but not from the song above.

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