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…and Hell followed with him

"There's no...nothing left for me when all beauty's destroyed."

“I don’t think a man with the idea of replacing the government with an archaic form  is right for the country,” I said. Of course the man we were talking about Ron Paul, who must’ve escaped from the loony bin and somehow allowed to run in politics.

I’ve no idea how we fell into politics. From Jyg’s baby shower to my weakness of peanut butter cups to a foul-mouthed priest to politics. Somewhere there, logic can come into play.

We talked Santorum. We talked Romney. We talked Obama. And Palin. And Clinton – both of them. Of Bush and Cheney and Rove and Qur’an burnings. North Korea. Iran. Iraq. WMDs. The conversation lasted way into my leaving and remaining. It was a fun day, actually.

And what worries her, worries me all the same. Too many feeble-minded people ignoring the bigger picture, are salivating about Ron Paul and what he can supposedly do. His ideas are good, but for a world that no longer exists. That’s the gist of it. Oh well, carrying on.

Creating a virus

I started writing last night what I think will be my first draft of the “Cordyceps” story I mentioned in an earlier post. Might have been my intention, or maybe it was just a fluke as I turned the corner. Who knows. Not I, said the writer.

I feel like I should be researching things that I know little or nothing about. I have no idea how to turn a fungus into a virus, or if that’s even possible. I don’t know what symptoms I should use, or any ghastly, fatal ones that should be incorporated into this mess. Medical Journals? Maybe? Winging it? Possibly. Hoping that the average reader will buy into my fiction? Most definitely.


Had a dream about a vampire. I normally don’t dream about vampires. In fact, outside of True Blood, I don’t care much for them. I’ve been thinking a lot about them, lately. Something might come of it, actually. A short story? Possibly.


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