Where’s the picture, you ask? I’m on my new computer and therefore none of my “stock” photos are on it, yet. I could use my Tumblr likes as I’m wont to do, but I’m thinking that’ll take too much. Besides, there’s a lot to talk about. Well, not really, but humor me.

After a several year hiatus, I picked up my “Nietzsche stories” and started writing new ones. Two, actually. They haven’t passed my test yet, but the people who read them – I forced my co-workers to read them – have commented on what works and what doesn’t. Dick Masters’s name doesn’t work – it raised eyebrows, but that’s because they don’t know the back story to the character – which I only hinted to in the second story, meant as the last story. I realized that this whole time I was attempting to write a linear tale, which it can be viewed as such, but each of them is to act as a stand alone at the same time. So I want to start in the middle and work my way out, I guess.

Thanksgiving was good, even though there was a FOTY incident that I will probably not discuss anytime soon. I tried not to let anything ruin my son’s first Thanksgiving, so we marched on. Shaun loved the food – I’m happy that he could eat the processed version of our turkey and he loved the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. He knocked out when the meal started to affect him like it does to all of us. We watched Brave as our Thanksgiving film, and it turned out better than I thought because I didn’t know what the movie was about.

After everything, I started to feel a little nauseous, so I settled down to watch Friends with Benefits, which I liked better than No Strings Attached. I would’ve ended my night by watching Anonymous, but by the time Friends with Benefits ended, I was beyond fried.

Tomorrow I wake up early to go into work, which isn’t my ideal way to spend a four-day weekend, but I’m getting paid extra so I’ll suck it up. We’re decorating the department for X-mas and we’re probably gonna fuck around for a bit. Free food is also promised so I was roped in. Besides, I can use the extra money in my X-mas present jar.

What else? Oh yeah! My new computer! It’s a HP Envy Notebook with Windows 8 and Beats Audio. So yeah. Excitement can begin.

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