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There have been times where I’m convinced that my mind is anything but well. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard the rule of thumb–if you have to ask, then you’re not crazy. Still, there are times when I find myself thinking crazy things. Instead of acting on every whim, I write them down and think of consequences that might ensue. I play god and have my creations enact them.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be if I turned out different. I believe we all wonder that at times. If I had more confidence in sixth grade, would I have asked the Little Red-haired Girl out? In the eighth grade, would I have been honest about my feelings for my best friend? I’m not a believer of fate or a grand design, but things happen for reasons, in the end. They aren’t predestined, far from it. It’s just that there are things that have to happen on the path of life in order to come to the most happiest conclusions. If the course of time were changed, I can only imagine I wouldn’t be here writing this and I wouldn’t have a son. At least, not the current son. I don’t even want to think of that.


I think we’re coming to the end point of our evolutionary chain. We’re raising our children, at least in these United States, wrong. Working at the library proves this. Monica sent me an image that the Squid brought home. It’s science experiment season, so I’ve seen the image at work.

I won’t post the image because I’m far too lazy. But here’s the gist:


Don’t question my spelling, I’m just quoting. The foundations of our education are cracked. More so after the Republican messiah sledgehammered the shit out of it during his eight years with his asinine education plan. When our teachers misspell words, there’s something wrong. And this isn’t the first time that I’ve encountered something like this. Years ago, in a note sent home, a teacher reported to my brother that my nephew was in trouble for speaking “fowl” language in the classroom. “Were you clucking like a chicken?” I asked. And don’t even get me started on the ect. debacle.

I blame the Internet for the birth of complacency–learning without learning. Why bother learning something when you can just Google that shit? “I need a book on candles because I need to know whether colored candles burn faster than white ones.” Are you serious? You want a book on this?

To add insult to educational injury, I’ve witness several parents sitting on computers for hours doing their children’s homework, while said children are playing video games. You’re just raising children who, when entering the working world, will sit for hours doing absolutely nothing while people who actually need a job are not receiving them (I speak from experience here, I’ll talk about the pest later).

I need a cigarette. I need coffee. I need all the drugs the cartel has. I need to move to Europe. Or Canada. No, kids, Canada isn’t in Europe.

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