“Running with [Redacted]”


To Grace. Maybe. I haven’t written this post yet, so I have no idea which tangent I will spin off on. Just in case I start talking about something that has nothing to do with the original topic, like say my cat, know that my original intent was about today’s (yesterday’s) shitty occurrence.


Disclaimer: As per a certain [redacted] issued to my the [redacted] I must state that I speak for myself and only myself. In no way does my thoughts expressed here are the opinions of [redacted] (even though they should bed). [Redacted] is in no way affiliated with this blog, nor do I represent [redacted] in anyway (even though I should because [redacted] needs a sensible person on board to wipe the [explicative deleted] that has hit fan and smeared itself across the pretty white walls of [redacted]’s naivette. In no way should the reader of this post or this blog take heart to what the writer states. In no way should the reader or [redacted] take this blog seriously. In no way should you build a religion out of anything stated here. In no way should you worship me as an idol. In no way should previous statements defer you from sending my your money.


So another one bites the dust. Because of [redacted]’s cunning bully-ism, [redacted] has managed to usher another useful employee out the door in order to toot [redacted]’s own horn. And the thing I don’t get is that no one question’s [redacted]’s decision. No actual investigation went into [redacted]’s accusations. The fact that [redacted] is firing people like Donald Trump or Mitt Romney, makes me question the loyalty [redacted] has to its employees for fairness.


Two employees fired months apart, not even lasting the [redacted]. Not one eyebrow was lifted? Is it because [redacted] is “family?” Because I thought we were all a part of this “family.” At least that’s what I came to understand. Apparently, we’re only family as far as we behave ourselves. Any sign of progression is frowned upon. A different angle of looking things should be kept to yourself.


There’s this saying about taming a wild horse. I’m sure I’ll Bush it up if I even attempt to quote it. But it goes something like this – to tame a wild horse, one must break its spirit. I’m assuming that’s what [redacted]’s plan was. Only some spirits aren’t that easily broken. Those are the spirits that should be running the show, or at least be part of the influential committee.


There will come a time when the gears start straining under the pressure and the machine will fall apart. And those manning the machine will have to answer for their mishandling. Until that time, I will continue to approach this whole situation with caution because…


This sort of reminds me of the time I worked for [redacted], actually. I quit before the [redacted] was over because of their mismanagement of the [redacted] and the abuse shoveled to their employees. It took all I had not to toss that money bag in the air that day and tell the fat ass, motherfucker to go fuck himself in his chunky ass. Took all I had not to swing at him. I was an angrier person then. I still am, but I hide it better. I’ll have to start looking for another job.

Luna’s cute, by the way. She thinks that she can come into the house whenever she chooses to. She lost that freedom when she decided that being just an indoor cat is overrated. She’s at the door stating that she’s starving.

Luna, you just finished eating ten minutes ago.

Oh she knows. She just don’t care.



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