“i would shiver the whole night through”

Let me start off by apologizing to Angela, my coworker, for failing to post the video of me reading the piece. It’s not that I don’t plan to, but there’s something I want to do to it.


I don’t think I ever showed my vulnerability in public before. It is very rare that I choke on my words because the emotions I felt when writing something come spilling out. I’ve read things about my grandmother before, but never in this sense.

Here’s the truth: These last months have been harder for me as realization set. Jeanna and I have split in the past, but nothing to this degree. And the more I long for a return to normality, I know that it cannot happen. Just because you want something so badly, doesn’t mean you should have it.

So when I wrote the piece, I intended it as something bigger. And it will become something larger than what I read. Stay tuned.

Portrait of the Monster as a Human

Empathy is something I haven’t felt in years. And now I’m standing in front of a world that’s less of a mystery.


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