“I’m not around to miss your smile”


Fight Like Apes
Exhibit A: MayKay (Photo credit: Neil Dorgan)

There’s something beautiful about a cranapple blend. There’s something miraculous in a new book. There’s something superbly sexy about Alison Tyler. There’s something comforting about having friends who stuck around throughout all my drama and asshole-ish-ness. There’s something heart-stoppingly awesome when he gets excited by my present. There’s something peaceful in MayKay‘s voice. And there’s something wonderful in the feeling that I get whenever…well, I’ll save that for a later post.

Sometimes, I just want to lay down all my demons and find something better to do with myself. Sometimes, I want to express myself to the fullest possible way. Sometimes, I want to just run into the Gulf and let the waves sweep me to wherever. Sometimes, I want to get lost in her book. Sometimes, I just want to wrap myself up in a blanket and just watch the sea swallow the sun and all the earth around it. Sometimes, I wish I could mean it when I say I’m over it.

I want to transcribe the stories I traced into your skin when I loved you. I want to sing out loud, even if I cannot carry a tune to save my life. I want to undo what I put you through, all those years ago, and make it right. I want to tell you how I feel before you’re gone from my life. I want to sit with you in some cafe in France and bitch about people who go to France.

Exhibit B: More on this in the next post.
Exhibit B: More on this in the next post.


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