“If we shadows have offended”

Conspiracy theorists are a lot alike religious nut jobs in the sense they’re fucking annoying. Nothing pleases these people, nothing real anyway. Any evidence thrown their way is automatically tossed aside and chalked up to lizard people meddling in to blind us from the truth. Meanwhile, the truth is biting them in the ass and they can’t explain the itch. Instead, it’s the government pulling the strings. And not the government government, but a secret, shadow government sitting beneath the earth in a DC comic book hideout plotting the end of our world.

I think Alan Moore says it best (and I’m borrowing this image from The Polymath’s Dilemma) when he said:

Exhibit A: Alan fuckin' Moore
Exhibit A: Alan fuckin’ Moore

When did logic and reason cease being enough for people that we had to create myths and monsters to explain the ugly and beauty of this world? And when did we start believing every fucking thing that we read on the Internet? That’s their main argument: “The evidence is all over there Internet!

This blog stems from a Facebook post (I know, I know) a friend made where the denies that a couple of student-aged terrorists could pull off the Boston Marathon bombings. You know, because there’s no such thing as brainwashing children. There’s also no such thing as a child soldier or a terrorist camps.

But explain this to me, conspiracy theorists: Why Russian? If the government was setting us up, why not North Korean? Because while Russian and the USA are seemingly at odds, the big bad of the day isn’t Russia. It’s not even Al Qaeda anymore. It’s North Korea.

For all you “Awake” people our there, I know you’re gonna say something in the sense of “Nuh uh!” or state that I’m too brainwashed to understand because I watch mainstream media. But whatever. You can be “awake” all you want. The truth is, you’re just so scared of the truth that you have to bury it deeply and live in a fantasy. And to debunk your mainstream media myth, I don’t watch it.

2 thoughts on ““If we shadows have offended”

    1. But you’re not a conspiracy theorist. Still, I’m awaiting an answer from those hell bent on believing that our government is capable of doing this, but not coming to an agreement on anything.

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