Never Underestimate the Power of A

Exhibit A: The Brits call it a fanny
Exhibit A: The Brits call it a fanny

You gotta laugh at yourself sometimes. But I prefer laughing with others. And usually at others. Saturday, Angela snapped this picture and sent it my way. I was eating with my family when I received it (thanks, by the way, Ang). “OK so does this logo on this sign seem weird to you?” she texted. We talk about my haircut because I honestly didn’t look at the picture because I was eating with my family (cannot emphasis that enough). She humored me for a bit, but pressed on (exaggeration), “So did you see anything odd with that sign logo?”

I look at it, smirk, but fear that I’ll be chastised for being a pervert, so I use a Brit slang that means something different here. “It looks like a fanny?” I replied.

“Haha. OK. That wasn’t my original thought though,” she replied.

“Oh. Then what am I not seeing?”

“Not gonna say.”

“Tell me :(,” then, “Please.”


“Pretty please,” then, “Sugar on top and all that jazz.”

“Lol. Fine. But remember you wanted to know. When I first saw it I thought it looked like lady parts.”

I responded how fanny to the British doesn’t mean butt, but the female genitalia. We chuckled about it (well, I chuckled). We talked vaginas and men for a bit. I made some jokes at myself. Yada yada yada. Flashforward to today, where we learned that shirty is a British synonym for angry. “How’s that angry?” to paraphrase Angela. And just before I can opine that the Brits are a funny people and why is fanny a pu…, a thought crosses my mind about the picture. And the same thought smacked her because I then see her taking out her phone and showing the Michaels the logo. “What does this look like to you?” she asks them. And they both reply, “An A.”

“Think dirty,” I say. Still nothing. They don’t see it. “I guess we’re the only ones with a dirty mind,” I say.

She tells them. Michael asks, “Top parts or bottom parts?”

“If you have to ask, then you obviously don’t see it,” she says.

It’s agreed that A will now be code for the word. Later, the third Michael walks in to which Mike tells Angela, “Show him your A.”

We laugh.

“I’m gonna have to write a story with a conversation that ends with the sentence, “Never doubt the power of A.” life goal,” I texted her later in the night.

“Second single from [fictional band name here]?” she replies.



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