Exhibit A: The punctuation mark I'm going to abuse

Exhibit A: The punctuation mark I’m going to abuse

I’ll admit, I’m a bad English major. There are just some things I never bothered to learn. Didn’t want to learn. Because, let’s face it, I only majored in English because I love reading and I can bullshit.

Today, at work, I picked up a copy of Word Snoop. It’s a kid’s book, yeah, but it’s filled with somethings I didn’t know. Like how people slipped in the letter “u” into English words to make them look French. (In other words: Those of Americans who insist on spelling color C O L O U R only do so to appease the French occupancy of Britain during the English language’s infancy.)

I have nothing else to report. There’s something brewing in the horizon, though. My friends, the voices, have returned.