Where Am I Going With This?

Three years ago, I imagined this blog going in a different direction. And for a moment, I kept myself on track. I wrote about writing. I wrote short fiction pieces, trains of thought, and ideas that came to me. It went well until I took a left and never got back on track. “It’s for the best,” said no one who actually meant it.

After spending a year in a funk that I’m just now crawling out of, I think it’s time for this blog to return to its roots. Problem is, where do I start? And how do I continue on with the plan?

I’m combining two blogs into one—I’ve shut down (not really) A Book Hunter’s Journal—in the hopes of expanding my skills as a writer and a reviewer. I’m currently pouring over educational material to better myself at this task. And I’m adding a comic strip drawn by Ashton Cutright and written by the both of us. The schedule I’m working on (as in regular weekly blog posts) are snippets of my work (which will be available for purchase later, I hope, for a reasonable price), lyrical essays (prose poems), journal posts (I’m liking the title “Shallow Little Bitching Trying to Make a Scene” for the title of those posts), and book/movie/music reviews. There’s much kinks left to work out.

While I’ll keep the old categories, I’m trimming down the use to only four (hopefully four): Personal (which encompasses everything that isn’t under the other three), Writing (which includes creative nonfiction, prose poetry, poetry, fiction, and—hopefully—interviews with local writers), Review, and Comic.

You may have also noticed that I purchased a spiffy premium theme to spruce things up. $68 bucks states that this is my last theme change until I die. Ashton is, I hope, working on my banner which, sadly, will replace my collage. We’ll do something to sneak in photos of my son later.

Let’s see if I can keep on track this time around.

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