What I Have Been Up To

There’s nothing like writing to keep me away from, well, writing. To my audience of one (Isabel, I’m addressing you), I have taken a leave because there’s a lot of things going on in my life (as you should already know), but mostly it’s the poetry reading—no use in redacting it—Love & Chocolate.


I started writing two poems (and it bled into three poems) for the event, though I’m afraid to read the third poem—which I may title “On Modern Courting (The Dick Pic).” The first poem I started writing is entitled “A Made-for-TV Romance,” which I used a friend as the basis for the subject I talk about. I intended the second poem to be for Shaun, though I’m still dealing with the kinks in the editing process. And as for the third poem, well, that’s an obvious subject.

I’ll try to keep up with the blog a little better in the coming days. I’m also looking at the renewal of my URL in a few months, though I’m thinking of dropping GoDaddy and finding another service to host the domain name. In the meantime, just know that after the third poem I’m writing is completed (before final revisions and blah blah blah), I’ll post what I have for you to read.

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