Return of the Nerd

Last Wednesday, Monica and I ventured out into the world of books and Chinese food. First stop is always Barnes and Noble, though this week we veered off course for breakfast tacos. Wiping out hands clean of any taco film, we hopped around the store searching for books we didn’t need but wanted anyway. I walked off with a mass market paperback edition of The Rise of the Governor. I spent a few months now seeking this book out so I wasn’t going to pass it up. We slithered out way toward Chinese food afterward. Followed by a visit to Myth Adventures.

Now I’ve been spending a considerable amount of money at Myth Adventures as of late. We can blame the DC New 52 comic series Harley Quinn for that. As you may know, Batman is my ultimate hero because he doesn’t rely on radioactive bugs or the sun for his abilities. So it’s only logical that one could conclude that the ultimate villain in my book is the Joker. And what’s hotter than a woman who falls in love with a homicidal maniac?

This year alone, I’ve purchased:

  • the first four issues of Harley Quinn (this includes issue #0)
  • the first two issues of George A. Romero’s Empire of the Dead
  • the first issue of Night of the Living Deadpool
  • the first issue of Image comics’ Revenge
  • Batman: The Joker’s Daughter
  • Dexter Down Under

There are a few more that have escaped my memory, I’m sure. I don’t see myself putting an end to this any time soon. I’ve reconnected with my childhood romance, the first medium that led me to where I am now in the world of reading and writing.

I can already hear my bank account groan. I’m going to need to find another source of income. I’m thinking of opening my editing skills (which, I can never seem to use for my own writings) to self-publishers. Because, later this year, Batman Eternal hits comic shelves/tables and Empire of the Dead has me hooked. I decided to sticking with any series just beginning. This includes reboots, story arcs, limited series, and the like.

I’m also thinking of writing a few treatments for a comic series of my own, though I would have to find an artist to bring the characters to life. But that’s something to keep in the back burner.

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