And The Simpsons Marathon is Distracting Me, Too

I revisited my Nietzsche stories. You have the Coffee Drinker to thank for that one. You haven’t met her yet. Her post is stuck in the back burner of my mind. Not out of dislike or whatever. The words aren’t flowing, that’s all. Ecce Homo rests beside me. The covers don’t stay closed. The pages are marked. Underlining goes for several sentences. Brackets start and end passages. An Iggy Pop/Teddybears song plays on my computer. My mind is focused on writing a new draft of “Digging Graves.” My mind is prewriting “The Amie Story.” It’s rewriting “The Possum Tale.” It’s creating titles out of the phrases found in Nietzsche’s writing. And learning that reading Nietzsche at thirty isn’t like reading Nietzsche at twenty. More importantly, I’m learning a little about myself. I’m learning about my relationships with people.

This focus on writing these stories halted my attention span on any other kind of writing. A Clockwork Orange and Seconds lie in wait for my thoughts, my review. System’s Grey remains a skeleton and a pile of notes.

Outside of writing, there are other things placed into motion. I’m playing it all close to the vest.

I’m aware that these tiny updates don’t constitute anything important. At the moment though, for my few readers, it’ll have to suffice. I promise once I get through this, I’ll write my Coffee Girl post and my Of the Sea post.

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