The Randall Graves/Ransolm Casterfo Argument

Above is a clip from the 1994 indie film Clerks. In it, Randall Graves explains the darker side of the Rebel Alliance’s attack and destruction of the second Death Star. Now here’s Ransolm Casterfo in Claudia Gray’s novel, Bloodline.

“‘Destroying the Death Stars, for a death toll of nearly one and a half million people, the vast majority of whom were low-level Imperial officers or even civilian workers?'”

I couldn’t help but laugh at bit when I made the connection. And I made the connection fast. I wanted an entire post about these two things mirroring each other. That, however, would be redundant.

So what do you guys think? Are Randall Graves and Ransolm Casterfo correct with their take on the destroying the second Death Star?

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