Of Minimalism & Bullet Journals

I decided to give Audible another go. For my free audiobook, I opted for Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki (translated by Eriko Sugita). Thought about being a minimalist in the past, but only going as far as following a blog and a Twitter account. I petered out as is my habit. Shit, can’t remember the last time I visited that site before today to link the page. I’m a failed minimalist, a maximalist. It is something of which I am not proud. In short, I collect things. Useless things. Things I use once and put aside.

It’s my intention to read that book again. Or maybe I’ll come around and fix that broken laptop. It’s just the screen, after all. There’s something to be salvaged there, right? That that tower of movies haphazardly placed on top of one of several packed bookshelves, well, I’m sure I’ll come around to watching them again.

And this goes hand in hand with my scatterbrain, I’m sure. That’s why I felt the urge to buy a journal. It’s why I hope that using the bullet journal format will somehow keep me from wandering down the path at random. I hope it’ll keep me focused on my tasks rather than trying to remember what I should be working on.

I learned about the bullet journal on Tumblr, but didn’t understand it until I read about it on a post over at the Programming Librarian. And I hope that not only does this format help at work, but can also help me with writing. I won’t get into detail about what writing ideas (projects?) I have in mind because it’s mostly just talk when I do. Two are creative ideas and the other is inspired by another article I read over at the Programming Librarian website.

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