Identity Crisis

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

It’s difficult to choose from the plethora of people who seemingly live better lives than mine. Is this something we often think about, though? Because I have never heard myself say I wanted to be someone else. Maybe I might have uttered something in the lines of, “I wish I was like him/her/them/you.” And that’s a different take, isn’t it? I don’t want to be that person, but wish I had their confidence or skill or – I don’t know, chipper demeanor. 

It’s not that I’m fully happy with myself – I could use Elon Musk’s bank account or Kayne West’s platform, but use them responsibly rather than spread misinformation and anti-Semitic propaganda. But I’m content enough to know that there is only one me. Not that there aren’t other neurotic, anxiety-filled, possibly-ADHD adult, queer, masculine-presenting people out there. But none of them are me. 

And who would I even be? A rock star? Actor? Content creator? Novelist? Poet? It’s definitely not an athlete as I couldn’t name one to save my life. Well, not anyone who is popular at the moment. What  about a politician who can fight during a single day to make this country better for everyone? 

Better yet, would I want to be someone who fits my biological description? Or would I want to be a woman? 

Ask me who I will have dinner with, and maybe I can boil it down to a single person after some time. But this? I don’t have an answer for. Except maybe, I’d be me without the anxiety. 

And maybe with a little more money in my bank account, or at the very least, a better budgeter.

Photo by Abdulrahman Abu Shaer

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