Walking Lightens the Load & Lifts the Mood


via: WeHeartIt


Every time I get stuck writing, I take a walk. Unless of course it’s raining. When I need to do some thinking, I take a walk. Unless of course it’s raining. I like walks. Long ones. Short ones. Ones around the park. And since I discovered the Endomondo app for Blackberry, I quickly downloaded it to my Curve 8530. This is my second day using it and I’m quite impressed with it – you must have an account with Endomondo, but it’s all good as it is free.

I took it out for a spin yesterday and the GPS feature impressed me, as well as telling letting me know my personal accomplishments. You can draw out  routes on the website and download them on your phone, setting them as your goals for the day. I plan to start with short distances and increasing them every day little by little – possibly at .20km increase a day.

The walk today snapped me to attention – though also let me know how out of shape I am – leaving my mind less muddied. I’m off to read and then get a couple of pages down. And for those of you who are wondering, I’m not partaking in NaNoWriMo this year. It’s just coincidence that the writing bug bit me recently.

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