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Library finds

The Perks of Working at a Library

Penny pinching isn’t my trade. Tomorrow is pay day, but the bills are waiting for me to send in their payments. So there are perks when it comes to working a library. The most important being that I’m surrounded by books that I don’t have to pay to read. The added bonus is that I get to see what books are coming into circulation before they’re processed. Late April or early May, the library received several comic book trades and graphic novels. This includes the Before Watchmen books, a slew of Hellraiser books, Suicide Risk Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and a lot of Batman titles. Coming home with me today were the Hellraiser titles and Suicide Risk. Both of them are published by Boom! Studios.

Heavy Ink Subscription Issues: Value vs. Values

Back in March or April, I decided to drop shopping at Myth Adventures on new comic Wednesdays (or later in the week). After the careless handling of my purchases, I couldn’t bare it. I’m under no illusion that any of these books are going to skyrocket in price (unless they’re a variant cover), but they’re still my possessions. I’m courteous enough not to manhandle the books in their collections, so I expect the same thing when they become mine.

After researching shipping prices, I concluded that Heavy Ink had the better deal. Then I read that the owner/president/whatever of Heavy Ink is an extreme right-wing, gun nut who praised the Tuscon shooting. I’m a bit wary knowing that my money is going to this hate monger. Conflicted, I’m still debating whether to cancel my subscriptions with Heavy Ink. It’s better if I just pay extra for shipping with Midtown Comics.

Now his statement was made three years ago. That still doesn’t change the gravity of his words. It doesn’t make him any less of an asshole. I’ve never boycotted an organization or business because of words before. When Chick-fil-a’s CEO came out against same-sex marriages, I didn’t bat an eyelash. When Duck Dynasty jerk-wad spoke his mind, I didn’t write a letter to  A&E. There’s a difference, to me anyway, about being ignorant and supporting a terrorist. Makes me wonder where the money I spend is going to.

Tough decisions ahead, I’m afraid.

The Great Divide(rs)
I'm gonna need a bigger box. And more dividers. And possibly a girlfriend...
I’m gonna need a bigger box. And more dividers. And possibly a girlfriend…

Last night, I decided to make my own comic book dividers. I brought home several pieces of cardboard from work. That’s another perk, if you’re not paying any attention. It’s not stealing, by the way. The boxes they were a part of were on their way to the recycle bin. Whatever scraps I had left are destined for the same ending.

After fouling it up with the first one, I almost called it quits and just order them. But I’m not one to quit on something that feels impossible. Sadly, I didn’t have enough for each title, so I improvised.

Things to Come (Maybe, Probably, Perhaps….Sure, why not?)

In attempt to reach out and communicate with other readers/bloggers/etc., I plan to spice things up again. Instead of focusing on journaling and reviewing, I’ll discuss my book hunting skills. I’ll talk about my superpowers (yes, we all have a superpower). I’ll discuss the comic titles I’m currently reading. And hopefully I’ll get Ashton to help me out with old ideas that never came to light. If not Ashton, then someone else. Until next time. Keep on…well, huntin’ I guess.

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