Some part of me acknowledges my prematurity of the post “Of the Sea.” Not because the feelings expressed within the post have dissipated, but what follows is depressing. I’ve traversed a three-year road, and here is where I stand. I’m not look over my shoulder, and each day I fight the urge to take a gander at what I lost. A few months ago, I made a promise to myself. It’s been a trying task.

The purpose of “Lessons in Love & Loss” isn’t a depressing one. It just reads that way. It’s a three-part post: Letter to Jeanna, Letter to Shaun, and an epilogue post still being stitched. These posts will not appear one after the other. At least, I don’t anticipate posting them in such a meaningless fashion.

 I expect “Letter to Jeanna” ready for posting by this weekend. In addition to these future post, I’m working on a lyrical essay inspired by an episode of The Memory Palace. I hope that this, too, will find a home on the “pages” of Chapin City Blues.

Now that we’re all caught up, I’ll leave you at the fold. Take care dear readers.