Thoughts on Shaun Starting Pre-K

Shaun started school a couple of days ago. He’s getting older, and that scares me. Puts it in perspective, don’t it? How the time has just slipped through my fingers. Watching him grow without realizing it. And still, I find myself in complete awe of the fact that he’s mine. He’s this extension of me. And when he sleeps in my bed on those weekend nights he stays over, I still find myself waking up in the middle of the night. I study him for seconds, sometimes minutes. Making sure his heart beats. Making sure he’s still breathing. Does this ever go away? I hope not. I hope there is never a time when I wake up and he’s just routine. Just a fixture in my life. And while it’s inevitable that he’ll grow distant from me. He’ll no longer see me as this grand person, this super hero, this protector. I beg never to stop feeling this way.

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