The Next 13 Years

WordPress has informed me that my blog is officially a teenager, turning 13 just a few days before I wrote this (and, hopefully, edited) this post. As a way to celebrate, I decided to spruce up the blog a bit.

The new blog banner and logo were created using Canva. I played around with the idea of purchasing a new theme, but things look sparse on WordPress these days. Not sure if they’ve retired several themes, or if I’m not searching correctly. In the meanwhile, I swapped the background and color scheme. Close enough, am I right?

While working on selecting a banner, a friend advised me to drop the “done” in my blog’s motto: “Writing is writing whether done for duty, profit, or fun.” This is something I am unwilling to do. Not because removing the word changes the meaning, but because it’s a reworked quote lifted from notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez

I thought nothing the first time I heard the quote. It was some sample featured on “Snake Eyes and Sissies” off Marilyn Manson’s debut album. I wouldn’t learn about its origin until  years after I listened to the album. By then, I had already written down my reworked version in a journal I kept for a creative writing class.

There may come a day that I will change the motto, especially considering how I don’t write as often as I once did. It will remain unaltered until then.

As for the blog, damn Thirteen years? That’s pretty amazing coming from someone who once kept making and ditching blogs. I don’t know what to anticipate for the next thirteen years, but here’s hoping that they’re interesting.

Until next time, well, you know the rest.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

Throughout The Years

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